The Republican assault on public education

Posted: 03/12/2011 in Truth

Beyond amazing are Americans who take up the Republican mantle to destroy themselves.  I know the reason most Republicans vote like they do is because they think one day they will live the American dream.  But what is the American dream to these people?  Apparently the American dream to Republican voters is to become rich enough to live in a place that is all white, so they won’t have to be bothered by blacks who are obviously Muslim because of the way their names sound.

That might sound facetious to some, but think about it, we are talking about a party that elected George W. Bush president.  After Bush, they attempted to give us renowned quitter Sarah Palin.  Now the Republican party is touting super nut-bar Michelle “Batshit Crazy” Bachmann as a worthy participant in their candidacy for president in 2012.

Let’s be honest here, the Republican party brought us the guy you would like to have a beer with and made him president.  Republicans think Joe the plumber is a role model worthy of praise.  Is it any wonder why half of the party still thinks Obama was born in Kenya?

Republicans have started at the state level their attempt to abolish public education.  The Republican controlled house in their first attempt at a budget is requesting a 411 million dollar cut in education.  Almost makes you long for the days when they were so proud of their ridiculous voucher program.

The United States of America use to be number one when it came to educating our children.  We are now so far down the list it is far too embarrassing to mention.  I know most Americans don’t understand the more we fight with each other, the easier it is for our corporatist led government to pick us off like fish in a barrel.  The biggest problem is unlike Egyptians and Tunisians, we are not all the same.  The melting pot this country is supposed to be has never existed.

Liberals and Conservatives might as well be oil and water.  So while we fight each other on the grounds that one side is a bunch of morons and the other side isn’t, you get legislative actions like what just went on in Wisconsin.  Funny thing about Wisconsin though, half of those people as of late who are against what Scott Walker did to them are the same Tea Baggers that put him in office.

So the dumb are making us dumber.  At first it was about vouchers, now it is just about cutting public education and paying your own way.  With our country now broke, Republicans no longer have to push voucher initiatives, they just tell us we can’t afford anything.  So instead of keeping education levels where they currently are, Republicans are ready to make it far worse.  Is it just me or do the Koch brothers want a third world America with labor so cheap their corporate scumbag friends no longer need to use overseas slave labor?

Americans were once the most innovative people on the planet.  Our public schools are the pipeline to innovation.  We cannot stand by and let idiots take away the most important tool of the youth in this country.  Education has always been the root of prosperity in America and no matter how much Republican corporatists want to change this, we can’t let them.


  1. It’s amazing to me how few registered Republicans know that abolition of public education has been a part of the Republican Party platform for at least the last 15 years, and maybe longer, I’m not sure. It was definitely an unwritten platform point for more than a decade before it was adopted as a position, and I think it was actually Reagan who tried and backed away from getting it into the platform. Someone who knows correct me or clarify, please. Great post.

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