Teabagger shills and uninformed Democrats…

Posted: 04/10/2011 in Truth


It’s your fault, no no it’s your fault.  Blah blah blah.  The Teabaggers are right about one thing.  Yes even a broken clock is right twice a day.  Our government really is spending too much money.  What I want to know is where in the hell were the Teabaggers during coup leader Bush’s stolen presidency?  Bush enters the office of the presidency and we have a five trillion dollar national debt.  Bush then leaves office to a tune of eleven trillion dollars worth of national debt.  So in essence coup leader Bush helps to double the national debt and we hear absolutely bupkis from the Teabaggers.

Enter our newest corporate whore president Barack Obama.  Well, at least he was elected, and to think it only cost seven hundred and fifty million dollars for him to become the leader of our country.  Current estimates state he will raise over a billion dollars in order to keep the presidency, a billion dollars.  I know I can’t be the only person in America that understands if you have to raise a billion dollars to become president, are you really living in a democracy?

So now Obama comes in and in two years raises the national debt another two trillion dollars and the Koch brothers tell the Teabaggers he can’t do that.  The Teabaggers then decide with the help of millions of Koch brothers dollars to carry a bunch of racist misspelled signs that referenced Obama from Hitler to African tribal chiefs with rings in his nose.  What that had to do with expanding the debt I have no idea.  I do know if you call a Teabagger racist, they want to act as if they don’t know what you’re talking about.  My real problem with Teabaggers is they could’ve had a ball during coup leader Bush’s presidency.  Seriously, they are all for spending cuts and smaller government.  George W. Bush was America’s biggest spender and government maker ever!

Now let’s talk about the charade put upon the country last week, aka the federal government was going to be shut down.  Republicans er excuse me, Teabaggers (remember John Boehner stating there is no light between him and the Teabaggers) shut the government down back in the nineties to show Bill Clinton who was boss, right?  I’m pretty sure they remembered how that turned out, so the only thing they were doing in talking about shutting the government down was bluffing in order to show Americans the new Republican party i.e. the Teabaggers are in charge.

Of course the Democrats knew they were bluffing, they just needed an excuse to cut more from Obama’s budget so they could make Obama look more reaganish.  If you haven’t gathered what I think by now I’ll point it out for you.  Democrats and Republicans alike are greedy bastards who could give a shit less about what middle class Americans think or want.  They are all in this together.

Obama’s budget was a trillion plus.  The fight the Democrats and Teabaggers were having over shutting the government down was akin to you going into Seven Eleven with eleven dollars in your pocket to spend and arguing with the clerk over thirty-nine cents.  Who would shut the government down over thirty-nine cents?

If you saw the aftermath of this you would know exactly what I’m talking about.  After two weeks of the Dems and Teabaggers calling each other everything but a child of god, once the deal was put through there were kudos for everyone.  Harry Reid told us all just how great a guy Mitch McConnell is and McConnell did the same for Harry Reid.  Are you kidding me?  Mitch McConnell is a human cockroach.  Harry Reid isn’t much better either.  Harry Reid is the same moron that decided to get votes in Nevada to beat another cockroach in Sharron Angle, to side with the nutbars against building the mosque at the 911 site that really isn’t at the 911 site at all.  Harry Reid is a scumbag panderer.  If you have free money, Harry Reid is there to get it on the double.

Now don’t get me wrong America, it was great theater watching each and every news network wonder would we get a budget passed on time.  Of course no one would step up to the plate of the corporate shill main stream media and give you an actual cogent thought.  Not one anchor or reporter had the nerve to say hey people, this is some bullshit.  Democrat Harry Reid helped the Teabaggers by saying it wasn’t about money, it was about abortion (code word women).  Do you think for a minute Reid saying it was all about Planned Parenthood threatened the Teabaggers in anyway?  Are you kidding me, they are Teabaggers, that’s right up their alley.

Teabaggers get a thrill out of flexing their ridiculous religionista beliefs on the rest of society.  We don’t want Planned Parenthood getting money because they help people get abortions.  Say what?  Planned Parenthoods abortion business is three percent of what they do.  Of course everyone except for Teabaggers knows the government is not allowed to pay for abortions anyway, but because Planned Parenthood also helps young women with contraception devices as well, the Teabaggers shout out they are doing abortions.

Teabaggers are the same clowns that don’t want women to get abortions and then complain about women having too many children and having to go on welfare.  Well if women are on birth control or using other contraceptive devices, they don’t get pregnant.  But it isn’t just abortion and contraception that Planned Parenthood provides for women.  They also do regular checkups that include breast exams and making sure women’s reproductive capability is in order.  Seems like even the god fearing would be okay with that, but not Teabaggers.

The budget farce says like nothing before us we need a legitimate third party that isn’t interested in its member’s skin color, how much money you have, or your religious preference.  I get so sick of these asshole Democrats and Republicans in their speeches talking about what America wants.  I am apart of America and I don’t want anything those self-serving greedy bastards want.  What I want is an America whose elections don’t depend on how much money a candidate raises, nor its religious or non religious preferences, and one that certainly isn’t beholden to special interest groups backed by billionaires (that means you Koch brothers and George Soros).  That is the America I am interested in.


  1. KC says:

    Brilliant. Not sure what can be done, the whole country has been lost to media and money. No one who has the big money wants to keep America working so we will wither and the USA will become as Mexico.

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