Anti-American deviant thieves list…

Posted: 05/18/2011 in Truth

The next time you hear Republicans spew trash about how they’re worried about the budget and how much money is wasted on trivial things like unemployment payments to those who have lost their jobs, or food stamps for the needy, remember that these Anti-American Jackasses believe it is appropriate to give oil companies (most which are not even American) 21 billion dollars in tax cuts.  These same oil companies in the first quarter alone (3 months) have made a record 30 billion dollars in PROFIT!!!

With every bit of energy we can muster, we must remove the stench of everyone on this list from government.  They are nothing more than traitors to this country.

Everyone of these jackasses should be either recalled or voted out the first chance we get.  Here is the list of scumbags that hate America and love big oil to the tune of 21 billion dollars.

Nay	AL	Sessions, Jefferson [R]
Nay	AL	Shelby, Richard [R]
Nay	AK	Begich, Mark [D]
Nay	AK	Murkowski, Lisa [R]
Nay	AZ	Kyl, Jon [R]
Nay	AZ	McCain, John [R]
Nay	AR	Boozman, John [R]
Nay	FL	Rubio, Marco [R]
Nay	GA	Chambliss, Saxby [R]
Nay	GA	Isakson, John [R]
Nay	ID	Crapo, Michael [R]
Nay	ID	Risch, James [R]
Nay	IL	Kirk, Mark [R]
Nay	IN	Coats, Daniel [R]
Nay	IN	Lugar, Richard [R]
Nay	IA	Grassley, Charles [R]
Nay	KS	Moran, Jerry [R]
Nay	KS	Roberts, Pat [R]
Nay	KY	McConnell, Mitch [R]
Nay	KY	Paul, Rand [R]
Nay	LA	Landrieu, Mary [D]
Nay	LA	Vitter, David [R]
Nay	MA	Brown, Scott [R]
Nay	MS	Cochran, Thad [R]
Nay	MS	Wicker, Roger [R]
Nay	MO	Blunt, Roy [R]
Nay	NE	Johanns, Mike [R]
Nay	NE	Nelson, Ben [D]
Nay	NV	Heller, Dean [R]
New Hampshire
Nay	NH	Ayotte, Kelly [R]
North Carolina
Nay	NC	Burr, Richard [R]
North Dakota
Nay	ND	Hoeven, John [R]
Nay	OH	Portman, Robert [R]
Nay	OK	Coburn, Thomas [R]
Nay	OK	Inhofe, James [R]
Nay	PA	Toomey, Patrick [R]
South Carolina
Nay	SC	DeMint, Jim [R]
Nay	SC	Graham, Lindsey [R]
South Dakota
Nay	SD	Thune, John [R]
Nay	TN	Alexander, Lamar [R]
Nay	TN	Corker, Bob [R]
Nay	TX	Cornyn, John [R]
Nay	TX	Hutchison, Kay [R]
Nay	UT	Hatch, Orrin [R]
Nay	UT	Lee, Mike [R]
Nay	WI	Johnson, Ron [R]
Nay	WY	Barrasso, John [R]
Nay	WY	Enzi, Michael [R]

Email them:
Grand Oil Party
  1. Pat in WI says:

    They are all bought and paid for. Gas and oil interests have given over 72% of their campaign contributions to Republicans for the past decade. In return, they get lots more.

  2. james says:

    This is a false argument Bozak.

    How much do you pay for a gallon of gasoline? About $4 ?? Do you know how much the Europeans and Brits have been paying for a long time? About $8 a gallon, that’s right Bozak, about twice as much.

    Do you also know Bozak, that adjusted for inflation, we in the USA pay about the same as we paid in the 60’s and 70’s? That’s right Bozak, about the same after adjusted for inflation as the 60’s and 70’s.

    Do you know Bozak that you are complaining about an ENTITLEMENT? I have never known a Liberal / Socialist to complain about an entitlement. But Bozak, those tax breaks are YOUR entitlement to buy gasoline much cheaper than the Brits or the Europeans. That’s right Bozak, it’s an entitlement paid for by your pandering politicians to the oil companies to keep prices down so you can continue to enjoy inexpensive gasoline and heating oil and vote for the politicians that promise you stuff.

    So, Bozak, did you know that if you took ALL the bonuses and salaries and perks from ALL the oil company executives that it would pay for the Federal government spending for less than 10 minutes?

    Bozak, you are just a complainer, following along with the socialist dogma, repeating stupid arguments meant to rile up the masses so they will vote for that incompetent Obama again. Wise up.

    • bozak says:

      I knew there are idiots out there dumb enough to vote against there own interests, props to you for showing everyone. But I wonder what type of clown can bring up the name of Obama when Obama has nothing to do with the subject at all.

      Amazing that you could type Bozak so many times with the sheet over your head. 🙂


  3. james says:

    The real issue Bozak, isn’t the tax breaks for the oil companies that help keep the cost of fuel for the American people low. It is the fact that the USA is Broke, we are 14 trillion in debt, we have no money, Obama is forced to print money and issue Treasury Bonds to sell to China to sustain us. Our store shelves are stocked with Asian goods, Union members are standing in front of closed factories waving fat contracts in the air wondering where the early retirement and health care benefits disappeared to. Essentially Bozak, the American worker is not competitive with the workers in the newly industrialized countries of Asia and Inda, as a result, we have become a debtor nation replete with a populace dependent on a nanny state run by Baarak Hussein Obama.

    The tax breaks for the oil companies have everything to do with Obama. Obama is the first president in decades that enjoyed a fillibuster-proof majority in Congress, He could have easily done away with the tax breaks if he wanted to.

    • bozak says:

      sorry james, but whenever i see barack “hussein” obama, or hear the word obama-care, i don’t think im reading someone with a full deck…

      the 21 billion dollars in tax breaks for foreign oil companies dont help to keep prices low, did you not see where they made 30 billion dollars in the first three months alone… sheesh, where in the hell do they get you lab rats from???

      for one, i dont think obama is any better than george w. bush, but where were you teabaggers when bush had an all out assault on the middle class???

      most of you are just racist, lame, and uneducable… the years and years of indoctrination of hate has warped you to the point you cant tell up from down…

      barack “hussein” obama… really??? pfffffffffffftttt…

  4. james says:

    The middle class assault is of it’s own making. Global competition and the middle class inability to compete has resulted in our nation being broke which has forced the pandering politicians to sustain the country with debt.

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