Penn State: A Tragedy Explained

Posted: 11/11/2011 in Truth

Everyone wants to know now why Mike Mcqueary is still a coach in the now much maligned Penn State football program. That is an easy answer. Mike Mcqueary is the whistleblower. Mcqueary is needed by the state to prove their case. As you can tell by the name of the school, it is a state run university, it is not a private school where administrators can hamper an investigation. You will eventually see Mcqueary as one of the states go to witnesses, so it doesn’t matter that he cowardly ran away as a ten year old boy was sodomized by a 50 year old man. Penn State is obviously cooperating with law enforcement keeping Mcqueary in the fold because a deal has been made. Mcqueary is the guy whose testimony will send Timothy Curley and Gary Schultz to prison, where we all know Mcqueary should be as well. But the business of the state is just that, a business. They need Mcqueary to make their case, without him it probably falls apart.

Joe Paterno and university president Graham Spanier should be on pins and needles as well, they will easily be tied to the cover up. If Curley and Schultz go down there is no reason Paterno and Spanier shouldn’t go down as well. As I see it, this was all Paterno’s doing. Who had the most to lose out of this personally? Joe Paterno. It was Paterno who instead of going to the police went to an athletic director that he personally had hired and told him what happened. Can it be any more obvious that Paterno got Curley, Schultz, and Spanier to go along with covering it up? Lets be honest, by now we all know it wasn’t the first time they had covered it up. They covered up for Sandusky in 94 and 98, so it was inevitable that it would happen again.

Predators can’t help themselves. What they do to children is natural to them. Abusing kids seems to be something they don’t want to do, but nature calls them to do it. Sandusky told the mother of one of his victims that he wished he was dead after she called him out for what he did to her son. I remember after the first time Michael Jackson got caught up for allegedly abusing a child and got out of it by paying a settlement of 20 million dollars or more. I told a friend I promise you he will get busted again for doing the same thing. He got busted again. For all those who want to say oh no, Michael wasn’t a pedophile, please tell me why a grown man would get 10 – 12 year old kids drunk by pouring wine into Coke cans and calling it Jesus juice.

What is happening now at Penn State should’ve happened in 2002. Just as it is bringing down the program now it would’ve brought down the program then. Paterno covered it up because he was use to covering it up. They covered up for Sandusky in 94 and 98, so 2002 was just business as usual. What I wonder the most is if it had been children from affluent families, would they still have covered it up? The thought of Sandusky being a foster parent just makes me cringe. Not only was he a foster parent, but he created a foundation so he could get closer to even more underprivileged kids. Mcqueary is going to help the state put a package together in order to hopefully put Sandusky out of his misery. He once said that he wished he were dead. I sincerely hope the state of Pennsylvania can accommodate him. Most of us can’t understand how or why Mcqueary wouldn’t be a hero to a defenseless child, no matter what he was able to get out of not doing anything (going from grad assistant to actual coach apparently for keeping his mouth closed), he can still be a hero to the state and help them put away Sandusky and all of those other than himself who sold out those poor children.



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