Left, Why so Weak?

Posted: 07/19/2012 in Truth

During Barack Obama’s last presidential campaign the left was denigrated with the sound of reverend Wright, Obama is a Muslim, and the president wasn’t born in America.

Now the left is running against Willard “Mitt” Romney.  Romney is a Mormon.  Mormons up until 1978 openly discriminated against blacks because of their doctrine.  Mormons also believe they know what planet god lives on (near Planet Kolob).  Mormons also wear temple garments, which are referred to as magic underwear.  The magic underwear supposedly protects them from evil. Mormons also believe Jesus visited America.

This is quite a bit of craziness to consider for any religion and I understand why most Christians are unwilling to criticize something as zany as the Mormon religion.  If you are Christian you would have to look at your own beliefs and consider are your beliefs as crazy as any Mormons.  To that I say, if you believe in any man made religion of course they are, but that does not matter.

What matters is most of the southern strategy gimp Republicans do not know all of this about the Mormon religion. If these same people who worship Jesus knew that Romney worships a religion that thinks Jesus walked among Americans, they would have none of it.  Seriously, we are talking about people who still hate people because of their skin color.  Tell them their candidate for president doesn’t believe in the same Jesus they believe in and Romney has a problem.

Think back to before Obama’s presidency.  He had to weekly state how much of a Christian he was and is and that he wasn’t a Muslim. John McCain had to be honest telling an old white lady in front of a nationwide audience who said she would not vote for Obama because he is a Muslim, that Obama indeed is a Christian.  Unfortunately that is how many people in the south think.

The reason many people in the south think that way for one is because of bigotry, two the Republicans have a well oiled paying machine.  So now you have to ask yourself how important is it for Obama to win this election.  Mitt Romney is using seventeen advisors who worked for George W. Bush.

The job numbers of late have been rather dismal.  The last report stated we only had sixty two thousand new jobs created.  When Obama took office the country was losing over eight hundred thousand jobs a month.  During Obama’s time in office, in less than four years there have been more new jobs created than those created under the Bush administration in eight.  For some unknown reason the Obama campaign can’t seem to tie in those facts in a commercial.  Why would anybody want to go back to George W. Bush policies?  Romney’s plans are exactly the same, more trickledown economics.

Obama has also failed to express in a commercial the fact that Rush Limbaugh, John Boehner, and Mitch McConnell all stated their job one was to make sure Obama failed.  They almost did it having the senate and congress vote no on every and anything the president has tried to do from day one.  There is a jobs bill in front of congress right now they have refused to vote on.

I am in no form or fashion stating that I want to see liberals go out and reverend Wright Mitt Romney.  What I am saying is the southern strategy voters need to know Romney’s Jesus, Planet Kolob, and magic underwear.  Why?  Because liberals need to make these whack jobs figure out their hate.  Do they hate the fact that Obama is black, or do they hate the fact that Romney’s Jesus is not the Jesus they know more?  It is a perplexing issue for them without a doubt, but it won’t be unless someone tells them.


  1. Levi says:

    Nope. The GOP can already count on the racists. I think that the GOP “southern strategy” is to get voters to believe that the election’s a comparison of Obama being a (supposed) Muslim vs Romney’s Mormonism. I think there’s a reason Michele Bachmann put the Islamic infiltration on the media map this week.

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