I wasn’t going to vote for Obama, but…

Posted: 10/19/2012 in Truth

I am a true died in the wool liberal.  The kind of liberal who will speak up about the farce that is Guantanamo, or why are we still at war in Afghanistan and why do we  have to wait until 2014 for this drain on the country to be over.  There are actually many many things I am unhappy about with the Obama presidency.  So many I convinced myself after his first year in office that I would surely not be voting for him to receive a second term.  I am still not voting for Barack Obama in this election, sort of.  Although my vote will be cast for Barack Obama, it is certainly not an indication of satisfaction with the man.

My vote for Barack Obama is a gigantic vote against Mitt Romney.  If I was a religious person I would call Mitt Romney the anti-Christ.  In the history of American politics there has never ever been a bigger say anything candidate than Romney.  Mitt Romney has been lucky enough with the media to be cast as a flip-flopper.  Nothing could be farther from the truth.  Mitt Romney is a liar of epic proportion.  There isn’t anything he won’t say in his attempt to bamboozle America.  Romney is not only the I was for it before I was against candidate, he is also the I was against it before I was for it candidate.  When Ted Kennedy referred to Romney as the Multiple Choice candidate truer words have never been spoken.

I understand the teabagger led conservatives of the Republican party are not going to vote for Obama.  This is why every liberal has to vote for Obama.  Like castor oil it will not go down easy, but without it you know the country is going to be in a far worse state.  When candidates have to raise more than a billion dollars each to win the presidency they can’t help but be entrenched in corporate whoring.  If I have to vote for a corporate whore I am going to vote for the one who isn’t a faux cultural warrior.  When Romney ran for the senate in Massachusetts he disparaged Ronald Reagan and proudly claimed he was pro choice.  When he ran for governor of the state he still claimed pro choice, but decided Reagan wasn’t so bad.  Once he ran for president in 2008 the full on transformation was complete, in his eyes Reagan was the best president ever and his staunch support for pro choice was just a thing of the past.

During the 2012 Republican presidential primary, Mitt Romney stated quite often he was the most conservative candidate of all, most conservative at all i.e. the most teabaggerish.  If you are the most conservative candidate and you’re running against people like Newt Gingrich, Herman Cain, and Rick Santorum, you are flat out bonkers.  Either that or magic underwear really does exist.  In order to prove his teabaggerishness to his constituency Romney selected Paul Ryan as a running mate.  Paul Ryan’s intent is to take America back to depression era politics.  Ryan is the same Ryan who as a congressman created a bill to end abortion no matter what.  No abortions for incest, rape, or even to save the life of the mother.  Ryan also backed George W. Bush’s attempt to privatize social security and wants to turn Medicare into voucher program.

I applaud the fact that Barack Obama is not a cultural warrior who doesn’t want his religion to reign over all.  I applaud his getting rid of don’t ask don’t tell for the military.  His Lilly Ledbetter act helps to provide equal pay for women and the opportunity to do something about it if they are paid less than males who do the same job.  His refusal to back the Defense of Marriage act is proof positive he wants equal rights for everyone.

Whatever you do please do not get lost in the economy guilt trip that Romney and the Republicans are trying to lay down on us.  The economy is going to make a positive move no matter who is in office.  Our corporate masters are sitting on three trillion dollars in cash waiting for the election to be over.  They are hoping Romney wins so they can deregulate more industries.  If America gets to the point where it can’t be advertised as the greatest place on earth, we all lose.  Bill Clinton had it right during the convention when he said in the last 28 years 42 million jobs have been created under Democratic presidents and only 24 million million under Republican presidents.  When Mitt Romney left as governor of Massachusetts his state was 47th in the nation in job creation.

So liberals let’s be honest with ourselves, we could obviously do a whole lot worse than Barack Obama.  I am voting for Obama because I could not stand myself if I didn’t vote for him and he lost, and we all had to put up with the indiscretions of Mitt Romney, cultural warrior.


  1. levi says:

    With a few simple edits, you might even be able to sway some of the less dogmatic Tea Party types. Although it’s been said that that. is not possible, I think the right words could have a positive influence on some.

    • bozak says:

      Would love to believe that Levi, unfortunately I live in the south… Come to think of it, you live where people elect Michelle Batshit er Bachmann to congress. 🙂

  2. Ironside says:

    Thirteen years ago, did you ever think you would read these words from me?

    I agree 100% with everything you wrote in this article.

    • Ironside says:


    • bozak says:

      we all are in search of the truth… problem with that is people try to disguise bs as the truth because in their minds they mean well, but the reality of it all is most have found comfort in fraternity to the point that belonging means more than the actual truth.you agreeing doesnt surprise me at all… politics and religion have pretty much taken hold of all of us at one time or another… we are just lucky enough to live in a time where we can easily attain the answers to our questions… the hard part is explaining to those we love how and why we think differently…once the republican party goes the way of the whigs, maybe we can have a political party that doesnt prostitute itself out to corporations…

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