Fire Rick Scott

Posted: 11/16/2012 in Truth

Fire Rick Scott

Fire Rick Scott

  1. SB says:

    The below commentary was posted elsewhere but I thought you might appreciate it.


    SUBJECT: Rick Scott, Google, Marissa Mayer, UF’s Bernie Machen, and more…for them the death knell tolls. Gatorgait and damning new scandal information!!! (DELAYED RELEASE)

    First, the below message (that is, the unedited version) was intended to be released back on the evening of 03/13/2013 (two-plus weeks ago). However, rapidly executed steps—steps that were likely countermeasures executed by those likely amongst the ranks of the Gatorgait criminal co-conspirators—derailed that plan when focus had to be placed on documenting those extensive steps which were likely steps mired in criminality. Unbelievably, but true, a real-life version of the movie “Training Day” has likely originated in Florida. But unfortunately the sweeping Gatorgait-related corruption makes the corruption depicted in the movie look like “child’s play”. THIS IS NOT A JOKE…for a sample of proof of that consider the following possible relevant fact. POSSIBLE RELEVANT FACT: It has been reported that at least one person that was possibly involved in Gatorgait has already “died unexpectedly” since the scandal started to implode within the recent months. Horrible truths and shocking answers await those who choose to read the below message and “follow the bread crumbs”…when you “put on your thinking caps” the scandal’s “bread crumbs” are easy to track.

    I’ve included this additional section in this prologue primarily for the benefit of “Gatorgait newcomers”. Those who peruse the Gatorgait-related content that we have diligently gone about sharing will inevitably find that we have infused it with humor (and other less serious things) when possible. Having stated that, DO NOT MAKE THE MISTAKE of thinking that this matter is not “deathly serious” (no pun intended). As indicated on pages 78 and 79 of the October 2012-released Gatorgait corruption report, that “lesser serious content” has merely been incorporated in order to keep the highly important content from suffering the deadly fate of being ignored. As has been previously indicated, we are keenly aware that highly important matters often don’t get adequately addressed because the public “tunes them out” for all sorts of reasons…including the requirement that the public peruse boring documentation in order to become informed. Gatorgait must not be ignored, for it is truly a far-reaching criminal matter that warrants the highest level of attention and prison sentences. Just so that will sink in I’ll state it again. GATORGAIT IS A FAR-REACHING CRIMINAL MATTER THAT WARRANTS THE HIGHEST LEVEL OF ATTENTION AND PRISON SENTENCES…stiff ones. Enjoy the below “gateway to sweeping corruption”.


    We are seekers of truth and justice and destroyers of those who inflict harm via iniquity. Followers are aware that over the past year many who have wrongly acted in concert during the scandal that is Gatorgait (i.e. the “Gibson Case” ongoing criminal conspiracy) have rightfully fallen. Those downfalls—downfalls which follow collective and undeniable felonies—are well-deserved and Florida’s Rick Scott, Google, ex-Google executive Marissa Mayer, Intuit’s Brad Smith, UF’s Bernie Machen and other likely Gatorgait criminal co-conspirators now rightfully face their own impending doom. Readers are encouraged to not have pity on Gatorgait’s definite bad actors and likely bad actors for they are truly more criminal and depraved than most people would probably ever imagine. At this point relatively few words are needed, for the far-reaching actions of the definite Gatorgait criminal co-conspirators and the likely Gatorgait criminal co-conspirators speak for themselves (as does the collective mens rea which has been displayed by proven criminal co-conspirators which include, but are not limited to, participants such as Florida’s “Guilty Minded” Martha Lott a.k.a. Martha “The Truth Dodger” Lott). All evildoers of Gatorgait should know that there are prison cells with your names on them and we are rightfully, lawfully, ravenously, and relentlessly “mowing you down”. That’s a promise. As you co-conspirators know you can thank your ongoing collective wrongs (and partly David P. Kreider) for that.

    Readers are urged to save (i.e. save the “complete webpages”) and peruse the following two sets of truthful, damning, lawful, and relatively new web content (FYI, the Gatorgait website went live on the night of 03-12-2013 / early morning of 03-13-2013; and actually much of the content is completely new subsequent to the likely co-conspirators’ post-03/12/2013 activity ):

    The content titled “Regarding Motives”
    [this content can be accessed via the url gatorgait-dot-com/updates-page1-dot-html (see the catalog atop the webpage, specifically the 11/12/2012-dated entry that currently references webpage 12 of 12 {this originally referenced webpage 7 of 7})]

    (this content currently spans 3 webpages {this originally spanned 2 webpages})

    *Be sure to replace the four “-dot-” when copying and pasting the above urls

    For the record, below are seven other truth-reflecting and lawful webpages of the new and informative website:



    (this is comprised of 14 large images)



    (this content currently spans 2 webpages)


    *Again, be sure to replace each “-dot-” when copying and pasting the above urls. Also please be sure to save (i.e. save the “complete webpages”) and peruse the above seven sets of content as well.

    Everything stated herein reflects the truth and is lawful commentary, thus it constitutes protected speech. In closing, readers are encouraged to please fervently share all of the knowledge and insight gleaned from the Gatorgait-dot-com content (and to please share this message as well) and to not forget about the truthful, damning, evidence-laden, lawful, and 197-page Gatorgait corruption report released back on October 27, 2012. FYI, the report is also hosted on the new website.

    Thank you,

    “Some people see a problem and do something about it. Others do nothing but sit on their a$$e$ and complain. Be a doer.”


    This message originally circulated on the night of 03-31-2013 / morning of 04-01-2013

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