Newtown, Aurora, and Columbine are all NRA advertisements

Posted: 01/16/2013 in Truth

009--10Every time a mind numbing gun disaster happens the NRA is pleased.  The NRA relishes murder and mayhem at the utmost.  We know this because of the way they respond.  Children are killed in Newtown and the NRA answers with we need more guns.  When any gun tragedy happens the NRA‘s answer is we need more guns.

So think about it, an organization that is backed by gun and ammo makers takes tragedy and uses the media to turn it into a commercial for gun and ammo makers.  You would think by now someone in the media would say hey, these cretins are duping us, but no, the media gives the type of publicity to the NRA they could never afford to pay for.

The NRA is a vile organization that panders to the best of an American backwater society that struggles to breathe through their noses.  I am talking the type of people who are told kids died in a school because there weren’t enough guns and they believe it.  I’m talking all out hardcore loons, people who think they can stockpile enough guns to defeat a government that has spent more than three trillion dollars on weaponry in the last ten years alone.  These people obviously don’t understand that if our government decided to go to war with idiots in our own country who feel the need to overthrow it, they could all be exterminated in a few minutes by remote control.

Zealotry is the reason the NRA gets away with what they do.  The NRA uses the second amendment like a bible verse.  The constitution is obviously not infallible, which is why it has been amended.  The second amendment needs to be rewritten.

The United States of America murder rate is a dozen times higher than the rest of the civilized world that practices gun control combined.  If America is a civilized nation, shouldn’t it act civilized?  As a gun owner and former Marine I would gladly give up my guns to make our society safer for all.  The time when we could saddle up and fight our own government is long gone.  An assault weapon is not going to do anything against a bomb sent directly to your location from a drone.  An assault weapon is not needed for hunting.  An assault weapon is made to kill many people, fast.

When do assault weapons sell the most?  After major tragedies where many people have been killed with guns.  This is because the NRA sells the mouth breathers that listen to them a bill of goods.  The stats are there for anyone who wants to look at them.  Civilized societies that have gun control are safer and have far less murder by gun.

The NRA will always have funding from gun and ammo makers, but the media needs to seriously take a look at not spreading the NRA’s garbage after a mass killing spree by gun, because unfortunately there are people out there who think the only reason all of those kids died in Newtown is because there weren’t enough guns there.

If you want to be responsible for firing an assault weapon, join the armed services, other than that there isn’t a need for having one.


  1. Stephen Ferracioli says:

    Personally, I’m skeptical that much will change regarding guns and tragedies like those in Newtown, CT; Aurora, CO; Tucson, AZ; Virginia Tech and Columbine HS. But I think this issue is extremely important to the families of the victims; that they not only deserve an open constructive dialog on the subject; they also deserve our attention, our empathy and our sensitivity to this issue. I really don’t have a lot more to add because I don’t have a grasp on all the gun laws and I don’t own a gun. I’ve just had enough of the hypocricy those who want to politicize this and make it out as some anti-Obama patriotic constitutional issue while completely ignoring the innocent victims and their families. Excellent commentary Dennis!!!

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