Ni66ers, Ni66as, Fox news, and Riley Cooper

Posted: 08/02/2013 in Truth
riley cooper

RIley Cooper AKA Hater 14

I watched a news conference yesterday with Riley Cooper and found it hilarious he could not sleep the night before.  His reason for not being able to sleep the night before was a video came to light showcasing his macho skills by saying “I will jump that fence and fight every Ni66er in here.”  So let me get this right, Cooper was willing to jump a fence at a Kenny Chesney country and western concert in Philadelphia and fight as he said every Ni66er in here?  That would be no different than going to Augusta Georgia at the country club where they play The Masters and saying the exact same thing.  One thing you can bet your life on is Riley Cooper would not say it where he works.

I find it hilarious that Cooper could not sleep a couple of nights ago because the actual incident happened on the ninth of June.  So he sleeps fine every night until he was exposed, yet when he gets exposed he is then sorry and can’t sleep.  On the tenth of June he didn’t go to the Eagles organization and tell them he did something stupid and was sorry for doing so, he thought he got away with it.  So how could anyone take his faux apology seriously?

Imagine Riley Cooper saying I will fight every Ni66er in here at the Philadelphia Eagles training camp.  Do not think for a minute Riley has not had these thoughts at practice, it’s just not a place where he can practice his institutionalized racism.  Riley knows enough to keep his racism in check at practice because that is what a coward does.  A coward would never bring that type of emotion to a place where he knows the retaliation from it would kick him off the team, not to mention possibly end his life if the wrong person he referred to as a Ni66er could not control his emotions.

You see Riley Cooper is the type of person who obviously feels confident in his racism amongst people he perceives as racists, but in Eagles training camp his racism is controlled.  A reporter asked Michael Vick would he forgive Cooper for his hateful speech and of course he said yes.  What would anybody expect Michael Vick to say about it after what he has been through?  LeSean McCoy on the other hand was honest and said he wanted nothing to do with Cooper.

From personal experience I can tell you the locker room will not be as forgiving as Michael Vick makes it seem.  Just last week the president of our country talked about the guise of racism in this country and its effects when a mostly white jury allowed a man his freedom after he murdered a black child who was minding his own business on the way home.  George Zimmerman racially stereotyped Trayvon Martin and Martin is now dead because of it.  Riley Cooper stereotyped the crowd he was with and thought he was amongst friends while spewing hate speech.  Cooper like many white racists tend to think that if your skin is white, you must be a racist, especially if you are at a country and western concert.   Our country has come a long way.  Natural selection is picking off racists year by year because of their inability to indoctrinate hate to the youth like they use too.  Unfortunately the indoctrination took to Cooper and abuses his persona like a flesh eating virus.

Many players like the president have also been racially profiled and mistreated because of their race.  To see a fellow player denigrate their race with the threat of violence because of their race is pure George Zimmerman.  It was the they, them, you people speech to the hundredth power.  Then there are those who permeate the internet talking about how Cooper hears the word all the time.  These people are either stupid or obtuse, neither being anything to write home about.

Honestly speaking, it gets a bit tiring hearing how Ni66er and ni66a supposedly means the exact same thing.  One is a racial epithet and the other a term of endearment.  So if one is a epithet and the other a term of endearment that means they can’t possibly be the same.  And what I am really tired of hearing is the so called black intellectual’s take on black people using the word ni66a, as if they do not have the capability to understand semantics.  Since time began people have taken words that meant one thing and gave them another meaning i.e. bad meaning good and not bad meaning bad.  So to my friends I can be their ni66a without any problem because I know they and I mean well when saying it.  To think when a white person calls a black person a Ni66er is the same thing is beyond moronic, and a moron is what you are listening to when a white person has the nerve to say why can’t I use it, they call themselves that.

White people who want to call black people Ni66ers because many black people call each other ni66a are either racists or racists by proxy.  I am talking the kind of white people who were scared of the new Black Panther party a few years ago because they watch Fox news.  The so called new Black Panther party consisted of about ten guys in Philadelphia who were watching the polls and Fox made them seem like an army to the illiterates who hold their every word as the gospel.  Fox news, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, and their ilk like to refer to those who point out racists as race hustlers.  Their Tea Party followers have been using the strategy for years.  If you point out their racism, you must be a racist.  The strategy has been effective to a point because the illiterates who take their word for everything have been able to make a mess out of the media for years.  The fact Limbaugh and his ilk are seen as credible would be hilarious if it wasn’t so painstakingly mind numbing.

As Don Cornelius use to say, “you can bet your last bottom dollar” that Riley Cooper is a fan of the Limbaugh conservative crowd.  The problem with Cooper though is he is going to get his chance to fight a great deal of people he referred to as Ni66ers this season in the NFL.  You see Cooper will start for the Philadelphia Eagles as a wide receiver.  To my knowledge I am not sure if there is a white cornerback who starts in the NFL.  So in eighteen games he will have the privilege of being able to fight black cornerbacks, safeties, linebackers, and linemen, provided he makes it through training camp.

Riley Cooper is a racist, and from the video I saw where his rage told the whole story, it is obvious why in the upcoming season he will be a marked man.  It will be interesting to see just how macho he will be when there is no fence separating him from the players and no liquid courage to drink.



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