Dear Republican Party

Posted: 01/31/2016 in Truth


Dear Republican Party,

You are now getting what you so righteously deserve. Your party is being torn apart by idiots that close to sane Republicans would not consider voting for in their darkest hour to save their lives.

Back in 2009 the night of Obama’s inauguration you got together and said anything Obama was for, you were against. You proved it when Obama took Mitt Romney’s healthcare plan and took it nationally. A healthcare plan put in place by a Republican governor in Massachusetts was referred to as Obamacare, when truthfully it was Romneycare.

Your outstanding resilience in saying no to everything Obama wanted didn’t hurt Obama, it hurt the citizens of this country. Your failure brought upon us bridges that would fall, roads far overdue to be fixed, and infrastructure because of your malfeasance worthy of a third world country.

Your total disregard for a president of color turned to disregard for the nation. While you thought people would love you for it, instead people saw through your bullshit and are now blaming you for it. You know they are blaming you for it when two carnival barkers like Donald Trump and Ted Cruz are now favored to win the Republican nomination. The Democratic Party has their problems too, but seemingly your hate for Hillary, Benghazi, and emails may possibly get us a candidate that actually cares about the people.

Congratulations Republican Party, your 15 years of George Bush, senate and congress control has turned a once cutting edge country into the stone age. We still do not have high speed rail in this country. The plans were ready for the first high speed rail project in Florida in 2012. The system would’ve run from Tampa to Orlando and created twelve thousand jobs in the process. President Obama and his cabinet assigned 2.4 billion dollars to help build it and Republican Governor Rick Scott gave the money back.

There are many many stories of Republicans who have attempted to take away the rights of women, healthcare for the poor, the right to vote, and just about any other insane thing you would think a human being is not worthy of doing. As Malcolm once said, “The chickens have come home to roost.” Not only have your chickens come home, but your goose is cooked.

Republicans you made this mess playing on the hate of those in your party. Of course it is nothing new, you have always used the south as pawns to get what you want. How is that working out for you now? You were able to steal the election in 2000 and 2004, but you no longer can even come close to pulling it off now, people know there isn’t anywhere near enough of you to get one of these clowns elected.

So die Republican Party, die. Your bigotry will remain in pockets of the country for awhile, but your kids aren’t having it. They love hiphop, they know skin color doesnt mean a damn thing. Too bad you never learned it.

This country will be far better off without you, good bye.

Dennis Wyatt


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