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  1. Want to know about the real Rick Perry?

    Many conservative Texans do NOT want Rick Perry to be President. He lost conservative votes when he persistently tried to ram his TransTexas Corridor and toll road agenda down the throats of Texas taxpayers. The plan was that AFTER Texans paid for it, a Spanish (from Spain; not Mexico) firm was to benefit from its creation by managing it. Given all the opacity of the project, one can only guess who all would get paid off through kickbacks from that.

    The TransTexas Corridor and toll road was a 4,000 mile network of toll roads taking 580,000 acres of private land in TX alone to provide new trade corridors to transport foreign goods into the United States. It was part of the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) which was to be the primary step in the economic integration of North America into the North American Union (NAU). Both the Democrat and Republican Party platforms as well as over 30 Texas counties formally opposed the Trans Texas Corridor, “because there are issues of confiscation of private land, State and National sovereignty and other similar concerns.”

    Secret deals with foreign corporations so they can profit off private land is not open and fair government. Past legislation and the passage of Prop 1 in the 2005 election allowed for unlimited tax dollars to be shifted to the TTC. It represented double taxation on roadways we had already PAID for with our vehicle related taxes and fees, but the funds had been misused, mismanaged, and diverted elsewhere to other pet causes. The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT), who was responsible for a vast majority of these problems (and bears notoriety for its infamous 1.1 BILLION dollar accounting error several years ago) is Perry’s “baby” who can do no wrong in his estimation and refuses to accept accountability for its actions. In reality TxDOT vastly requires complete overhaul from the ground up.

    People who have not lived here in Texas are oblivious to this fact, and because no one is confronting him with this issue in the debates and/or in the media, he is getting away with not having to address this topic which is quite a controversial “hot button” with Texans who are not in Perry’s hip pocket. He has managed to stay in office as long as he has in Texas ONLY because conservatives were terrified of letting another Democrat get in, and he was considered the “lesser of the two evils.”

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