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Dear Republican Party

Posted: 01/31/2016 in Truth


Dear Republican Party,

You are now getting what you so righteously deserve. Your party is being torn apart by idiots that close to sane Republicans would not consider voting for in their darkest hour to save their lives.

Back in 2009 the night of Obama’s inauguration you got together and said anything Obama was for, you were against. You proved it when Obama took Mitt Romney’s healthcare plan and took it nationally. A healthcare plan put in place by a Republican governor in Massachusetts was referred to as Obamacare, when truthfully it was Romneycare.

Your outstanding resilience in saying no to everything Obama wanted didn’t hurt Obama, it hurt the citizens of this country. Your failure brought upon us bridges that would fall, roads far overdue to be fixed, and infrastructure because of your malfeasance worthy of a third world country.

Your total disregard for a president of color turned to disregard for the nation. While you thought people would love you for it, instead people saw through your bullshit and are now blaming you for it. You know they are blaming you for it when two carnival barkers like Donald Trump and Ted Cruz are now favored to win the Republican nomination. The Democratic Party has their problems too, but seemingly your hate for Hillary, Benghazi, and emails may possibly get us a candidate that actually cares about the people.

Congratulations Republican Party, your 15 years of George Bush, senate and congress control has turned a once cutting edge country into the stone age. We still do not have high speed rail in this country. The plans were ready for the first high speed rail project in Florida in 2012. The system would’ve run from Tampa to Orlando and created twelve thousand jobs in the process. President Obama and his cabinet assigned 2.4 billion dollars to help build it and Republican Governor Rick Scott gave the money back.

There are many many stories of Republicans who have attempted to take away the rights of women, healthcare for the poor, the right to vote, and just about any other insane thing you would think a human being is not worthy of doing. As Malcolm once said, “The chickens have come home to roost.” Not only have your chickens come home, but your goose is cooked.

Republicans you made this mess playing on the hate of those in your party. Of course it is nothing new, you have always used the south as pawns to get what you want. How is that working out for you now? You were able to steal the election in 2000 and 2004, but you no longer can even come close to pulling it off now, people know there isn’t anywhere near enough of you to get one of these clowns elected.

So die Republican Party, die. Your bigotry will remain in pockets of the country for awhile, but your kids aren’t having it. They love hiphop, they know skin color doesnt mean a damn thing. Too bad you never learned it.

This country will be far better off without you, good bye.

Dennis Wyatt

riley cooper

RIley Cooper AKA Hater 14

I watched a news conference yesterday with Riley Cooper and found it hilarious he could not sleep the night before.  His reason for not being able to sleep the night before was a video came to light showcasing his macho skills by saying “I will jump that fence and fight every Ni66er in here.”  So let me get this right, Cooper was willing to jump a fence at a Kenny Chesney country and western concert in Philadelphia and fight as he said every Ni66er in here?  That would be no different than going to Augusta Georgia at the country club where they play The Masters and saying the exact same thing.  One thing you can bet your life on is Riley Cooper would not say it where he works.

I find it hilarious that Cooper could not sleep a couple of nights ago because the actual incident happened on the ninth of June.  So he sleeps fine every night until he was exposed, yet when he gets exposed he is then sorry and can’t sleep.  On the tenth of June he didn’t go to the Eagles organization and tell them he did something stupid and was sorry for doing so, he thought he got away with it.  So how could anyone take his faux apology seriously?

Imagine Riley Cooper saying I will fight every Ni66er in here at the Philadelphia Eagles training camp.  Do not think for a minute Riley has not had these thoughts at practice, it’s just not a place where he can practice his institutionalized racism.  Riley knows enough to keep his racism in check at practice because that is what a coward does.  A coward would never bring that type of emotion to a place where he knows the retaliation from it would kick him off the team, not to mention possibly end his life if the wrong person he referred to as a Ni66er could not control his emotions.

You see Riley Cooper is the type of person who obviously feels confident in his racism amongst people he perceives as racists, but in Eagles training camp his racism is controlled.  A reporter asked Michael Vick would he forgive Cooper for his hateful speech and of course he said yes.  What would anybody expect Michael Vick to say about it after what he has been through?  LeSean McCoy on the other hand was honest and said he wanted nothing to do with Cooper.

From personal experience I can tell you the locker room will not be as forgiving as Michael Vick makes it seem.  Just last week the president of our country talked about the guise of racism in this country and its effects when a mostly white jury allowed a man his freedom after he murdered a black child who was minding his own business on the way home.  George Zimmerman racially stereotyped Trayvon Martin and Martin is now dead because of it.  Riley Cooper stereotyped the crowd he was with and thought he was amongst friends while spewing hate speech.  Cooper like many white racists tend to think that if your skin is white, you must be a racist, especially if you are at a country and western concert.   Our country has come a long way.  Natural selection is picking off racists year by year because of their inability to indoctrinate hate to the youth like they use too.  Unfortunately the indoctrination took to Cooper and abuses his persona like a flesh eating virus.

Many players like the president have also been racially profiled and mistreated because of their race.  To see a fellow player denigrate their race with the threat of violence because of their race is pure George Zimmerman.  It was the they, them, you people speech to the hundredth power.  Then there are those who permeate the internet talking about how Cooper hears the word all the time.  These people are either stupid or obtuse, neither being anything to write home about.

Honestly speaking, it gets a bit tiring hearing how Ni66er and ni66a supposedly means the exact same thing.  One is a racial epithet and the other a term of endearment.  So if one is a epithet and the other a term of endearment that means they can’t possibly be the same.  And what I am really tired of hearing is the so called black intellectual’s take on black people using the word ni66a, as if they do not have the capability to understand semantics.  Since time began people have taken words that meant one thing and gave them another meaning i.e. bad meaning good and not bad meaning bad.  So to my friends I can be their ni66a without any problem because I know they and I mean well when saying it.  To think when a white person calls a black person a Ni66er is the same thing is beyond moronic, and a moron is what you are listening to when a white person has the nerve to say why can’t I use it, they call themselves that.

White people who want to call black people Ni66ers because many black people call each other ni66a are either racists or racists by proxy.  I am talking the kind of white people who were scared of the new Black Panther party a few years ago because they watch Fox news.  The so called new Black Panther party consisted of about ten guys in Philadelphia who were watching the polls and Fox made them seem like an army to the illiterates who hold their every word as the gospel.  Fox news, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, and their ilk like to refer to those who point out racists as race hustlers.  Their Tea Party followers have been using the strategy for years.  If you point out their racism, you must be a racist.  The strategy has been effective to a point because the illiterates who take their word for everything have been able to make a mess out of the media for years.  The fact Limbaugh and his ilk are seen as credible would be hilarious if it wasn’t so painstakingly mind numbing.

As Don Cornelius use to say, “you can bet your last bottom dollar” that Riley Cooper is a fan of the Limbaugh conservative crowd.  The problem with Cooper though is he is going to get his chance to fight a great deal of people he referred to as Ni66ers this season in the NFL.  You see Cooper will start for the Philadelphia Eagles as a wide receiver.  To my knowledge I am not sure if there is a white cornerback who starts in the NFL.  So in eighteen games he will have the privilege of being able to fight black cornerbacks, safeties, linebackers, and linemen, provided he makes it through training camp.

Riley Cooper is a racist, and from the video I saw where his rage told the whole story, it is obvious why in the upcoming season he will be a marked man.  It will be interesting to see just how macho he will be when there is no fence separating him from the players and no liquid courage to drink.


No Bush 2016

aaaaaI am pretty sure I’m not the only one embarrassed living in an age where most people think we are civilized.  It is 2013 and the motto of the most powerful nation in the world where I reside is still “in invisible being we trust.”  Even though we do not have the flying cars we were promised in the sixties, we can use a video phone to talk to anybody anywhere in the world.  We now know the age of the earth is somewhere around 4.5 billion years old.  This being factual, we should also know that carbon dating is far closer to the truth than any religious book ever written, yet the masses still pray to a fictional god in the sky.  A favorite saying of mine for years to deter the religious when I perceived them going overboard is, “Jesus, because the thought of Santa not being real was too traumatic.”

The New Dark Age of Religion and Politics can only be conquered by atheists.  Atheism is the new gay.  Many atheists refuse to counter religiosity for the same exact reason people are religious, fear.  The problem with atheism is it is far easier to hide than homosexuality.  You can be homosexual and still attend the church.  If you love the invisible being, even homosexuality which the bible condemns can’t stop you from being blindly lead to the altar.  With homosexuality the religious still think you’re gay due to a devilish infection, or some other type of ridiculous hoodoo they’ve yet to apply to you.

Once atheists get over the embarrassment of the word, real progress will be made.  Atheists have to be strong enough to tell religionistas we are just as moral and caring as anyone who believes in a sky god, because we are.  We have to be willing to tell them no matter how embarrassing it might be that it is unhealthy for all of us when they believe in skygodry.  Please understand this though, I understand there are places where honesty can cost you your job, obviously that is not an option.  When you’re in a social setting and you are challenged, don’t be afraid to explain why the nonsense a religionista is spouting your way is just that, nonsense.  If we don’t turn the tide on this, how can we ever expect rational thought to become part of the psyche of the masses?

Where is the atheist Gandhi, Martin Luther King, or Che Guevara?  It could’ve been Christopher Hitchens, but his face was so far up George Bush’s ass many involved in free thought just saw him as a pompous asshole.  With Hitch you either loved him or hated him, and I did both.  Then there is Richard Dawkins who I thought at one time could be the one, but now time has caught up with him and he is no longer vibrant enough in my opinion to spark an interest in the hundreds of millions of people needed to make a difference.  Who is our person?  Unfortunately in America those pushing for the real rights of the people do not live very long once they are able to make a difference. This is why atheists as a whole have to make a difference.  If you do not believe in manmade book religion it is time for you to come out of the closet.

An atheist movement can and will change the world.  Religion is natural selection at its finest.  Religion enables groups like the Westboro Baptist Church, Hamas, The Jewish Defense League, suicide bombers, and abortion clinic bombers.  Of course all of those who belong to those religions will tell you those who belong to other religions are extremists.  I am no scholar when it comes to this, but I think what all of these religionistas have in common is believing they are all a product of the tribe of Abraham.  That being the case if you want extreme, go no farther than their god.  The god of Abraham is the same god that got so mad it decided to take a mulligan.  So how extremist can Westboro Baptist, Hamas, The JDL, suicide bombers, or abortion clinic bombers be when all of them take their cue from a god that decided to kill everything on the planet except for the Moses family and every animal species known to mankind?  This always seemed to boggle my mind when it comes to Christianity.

Say a man killed your whole entire family, went to prison and served his time.  The man then says you should follow him because he knows what is best for you.  Most people for one would want to kill him for killing their whole family, and others would want nothing to do with him.  Yet every day people ignore the Old Testament as if it doesn’t exist and preach the word of Jesus who they understand to be the same god.  In the Old Testament the god of the bible is a homicidal maniac.  If what we read in the Old Testament were true, the god of the bible holds the earth’s record for serial killing to the point it makes Hitler look like Ted Bundy.  Imagine killing everyone in your neighborhood because your next door neighbor pissed you off and you would know what it feels like to be Old Testament god.

These people who believe in book religion run the governments of the world.  In America there are far more gays visibly in office than there are atheists.  I also tend to believe there are probably more atheists in office but claim to be religious because they know they could never win as an atheist.  So again it all comes down to fear. The fear of the believer and nonbeliever are quite different.  The atheist fears real repercussions from outing themselves to believers, where as the religionistas only fear a sky god which does not exist.

Atheists and agnostics it is our job to provide truth to millions of adults that the boogeyman does not exist.  It is our time to show the rest of the world how irrational it is to believe in fearing a sky god whether it is Osiris, Mithras, Jesus, or Allah.  If we do not show the world the way nothing will change.  It is obviously far easier for them to fear nothing, than it is for us to stop fearing them. If we do not we too will become part of their natural selection.


009--10Every time a mind numbing gun disaster happens the NRA is pleased.  The NRA relishes murder and mayhem at the utmost.  We know this because of the way they respond.  Children are killed in Newtown and the NRA answers with we need more guns.  When any gun tragedy happens the NRA‘s answer is we need more guns.

So think about it, an organization that is backed by gun and ammo makers takes tragedy and uses the media to turn it into a commercial for gun and ammo makers.  You would think by now someone in the media would say hey, these cretins are duping us, but no, the media gives the type of publicity to the NRA they could never afford to pay for.

The NRA is a vile organization that panders to the best of an American backwater society that struggles to breathe through their noses.  I am talking the type of people who are told kids died in a school because there weren’t enough guns and they believe it.  I’m talking all out hardcore loons, people who think they can stockpile enough guns to defeat a government that has spent more than three trillion dollars on weaponry in the last ten years alone.  These people obviously don’t understand that if our government decided to go to war with idiots in our own country who feel the need to overthrow it, they could all be exterminated in a few minutes by remote control.

Zealotry is the reason the NRA gets away with what they do.  The NRA uses the second amendment like a bible verse.  The constitution is obviously not infallible, which is why it has been amended.  The second amendment needs to be rewritten.

The United States of America murder rate is a dozen times higher than the rest of the civilized world that practices gun control combined.  If America is a civilized nation, shouldn’t it act civilized?  As a gun owner and former Marine I would gladly give up my guns to make our society safer for all.  The time when we could saddle up and fight our own government is long gone.  An assault weapon is not going to do anything against a bomb sent directly to your location from a drone.  An assault weapon is not needed for hunting.  An assault weapon is made to kill many people, fast.

When do assault weapons sell the most?  After major tragedies where many people have been killed with guns.  This is because the NRA sells the mouth breathers that listen to them a bill of goods.  The stats are there for anyone who wants to look at them.  Civilized societies that have gun control are safer and have far less murder by gun.

The NRA will always have funding from gun and ammo makers, but the media needs to seriously take a look at not spreading the NRA’s garbage after a mass killing spree by gun, because unfortunately there are people out there who think the only reason all of those kids died in Newtown is because there weren’t enough guns there.

If you want to be responsible for firing an assault weapon, join the armed services, other than that there isn’t a need for having one.


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