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aaaaaI am pretty sure I’m not the only one embarrassed living in an age where most people think we are civilized.  It is 2013 and the motto of the most powerful nation in the world where I reside is still “in invisible being we trust.”  Even though we do not have the flying cars we were promised in the sixties, we can use a video phone to talk to anybody anywhere in the world.  We now know the age of the earth is somewhere around 4.5 billion years old.  This being factual, we should also know that carbon dating is far closer to the truth than any religious book ever written, yet the masses still pray to a fictional god in the sky.  A favorite saying of mine for years to deter the religious when I perceived them going overboard is, “Jesus, because the thought of Santa not being real was too traumatic.”

The New Dark Age of Religion and Politics can only be conquered by atheists.  Atheism is the new gay.  Many atheists refuse to counter religiosity for the same exact reason people are religious, fear.  The problem with atheism is it is far easier to hide than homosexuality.  You can be homosexual and still attend the church.  If you love the invisible being, even homosexuality which the bible condemns can’t stop you from being blindly lead to the altar.  With homosexuality the religious still think you’re gay due to a devilish infection, or some other type of ridiculous hoodoo they’ve yet to apply to you.

Once atheists get over the embarrassment of the word, real progress will be made.  Atheists have to be strong enough to tell religionistas we are just as moral and caring as anyone who believes in a sky god, because we are.  We have to be willing to tell them no matter how embarrassing it might be that it is unhealthy for all of us when they believe in skygodry.  Please understand this though, I understand there are places where honesty can cost you your job, obviously that is not an option.  When you’re in a social setting and you are challenged, don’t be afraid to explain why the nonsense a religionista is spouting your way is just that, nonsense.  If we don’t turn the tide on this, how can we ever expect rational thought to become part of the psyche of the masses?

Where is the atheist Gandhi, Martin Luther King, or Che Guevara?  It could’ve been Christopher Hitchens, but his face was so far up George Bush’s ass many involved in free thought just saw him as a pompous asshole.  With Hitch you either loved him or hated him, and I did both.  Then there is Richard Dawkins who I thought at one time could be the one, but now time has caught up with him and he is no longer vibrant enough in my opinion to spark an interest in the hundreds of millions of people needed to make a difference.  Who is our person?  Unfortunately in America those pushing for the real rights of the people do not live very long once they are able to make a difference. This is why atheists as a whole have to make a difference.  If you do not believe in manmade book religion it is time for you to come out of the closet.

An atheist movement can and will change the world.  Religion is natural selection at its finest.  Religion enables groups like the Westboro Baptist Church, Hamas, The Jewish Defense League, suicide bombers, and abortion clinic bombers.  Of course all of those who belong to those religions will tell you those who belong to other religions are extremists.  I am no scholar when it comes to this, but I think what all of these religionistas have in common is believing they are all a product of the tribe of Abraham.  That being the case if you want extreme, go no farther than their god.  The god of Abraham is the same god that got so mad it decided to take a mulligan.  So how extremist can Westboro Baptist, Hamas, The JDL, suicide bombers, or abortion clinic bombers be when all of them take their cue from a god that decided to kill everything on the planet except for the Moses family and every animal species known to mankind?  This always seemed to boggle my mind when it comes to Christianity.

Say a man killed your whole entire family, went to prison and served his time.  The man then says you should follow him because he knows what is best for you.  Most people for one would want to kill him for killing their whole family, and others would want nothing to do with him.  Yet every day people ignore the Old Testament as if it doesn’t exist and preach the word of Jesus who they understand to be the same god.  In the Old Testament the god of the bible is a homicidal maniac.  If what we read in the Old Testament were true, the god of the bible holds the earth’s record for serial killing to the point it makes Hitler look like Ted Bundy.  Imagine killing everyone in your neighborhood because your next door neighbor pissed you off and you would know what it feels like to be Old Testament god.

These people who believe in book religion run the governments of the world.  In America there are far more gays visibly in office than there are atheists.  I also tend to believe there are probably more atheists in office but claim to be religious because they know they could never win as an atheist.  So again it all comes down to fear. The fear of the believer and nonbeliever are quite different.  The atheist fears real repercussions from outing themselves to believers, where as the religionistas only fear a sky god which does not exist.

Atheists and agnostics it is our job to provide truth to millions of adults that the boogeyman does not exist.  It is our time to show the rest of the world how irrational it is to believe in fearing a sky god whether it is Osiris, Mithras, Jesus, or Allah.  If we do not show the world the way nothing will change.  It is obviously far easier for them to fear nothing, than it is for us to stop fearing them. If we do not we too will become part of their natural selection.